Pet Food

Dry pet food manufacturing is a growing industry worldwide. The abrasive nature of the granules, pellets and biscuits produced in these plants can be a challenge to maintaining processing efficiency. Ever increasing sanitation requirements are approaching that of food manufacturing plants for human consumption.


Many global pet food manufacturers use BFM® fitting connectors on their dry processing lines.


Seeflex’s strength and flexibility is ideal for sifters and feeders. Its transparency ensures visibility of product flow, and dust leakage is also eliminated because of the 100% seal of the patented BFM® fitting system.


This not only keeps plants clean, but also helps reduce the risk of secondary dust explosions.


BFM® Advantages in the Petfood Industry

  • Improved Hygiene
  • Durability
  • Safer Operator Environment
  • Reduced Explosion Risk
  • Quick Change Overs
  • Reduced Downtime

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