Installing a BFM® fitting

This shows you all you need to know about installing a BFM® fitting. Once installed, it takes only a matter of seconds to replace and standard connectors require no tools.

Benefits of Standardization with BFM® fitting

See how standardizing your plant with BFM® fitting will simplify your inventory and will be more cost and time effective.

BFM® fittings Before & After

Everybody loves before & afters! In this video we show more before & after examples from successful BFM® fitting installations.

BFM® fitting – Explosion Testing

This video features five BFM® fitting sleeves, the Seeflex 040E, Seeflex 400W, Teflex, LM4, and the Kevlar Cover, undergoing pressure testing resulting from an explosion.

BFM® fitting – Snap Fit Tips & Tricks

Sometimes the Seeflex cuff on the BFM® fitting connector ‘sticks’ to the inside of the spigot and needs to be released before it will fully snap-in.

BFM® fitting Bulk Bag Loader vs. Hose Clamps

This video highlights a side x side comparison of the BFM® Bulk Bag Loader in operation versus traditional clamped bulk bag filler connections.

BFM® fitting Applications – Pressure

BFM® fittings outperform hose-clamps – especially under pressure.

BFM® fitting’s patented spigot and snap-fit system means any internal pressure just pushes the cuff of the connector harder against the walls of the spigot, creating an even tighter seal.

Installing BFM® fitting Tool Release Sleeve

BFM® fitting TR (Tool Release) connectors have a much firmer snap-band and require a special tool to remove – added protection for staff and better resistance to the effects of vacuum.