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Dryers and fluid beds are one of the most demanding applications needing to handle a combination of movement, temperature, pressure and cleaning solutions, while being compliant with explosion protection systems. These applications use numerous flexible connections for both product and air.


BFM® fitting connectors are the perfect solution with the unique snap-in system creating a leak free seal on product and wet wash CIP cycles, with no internal crevices or ledges for product to build up on, assuring no cross contamination during product change overs. Hygienic design meets the most stringent 3A and EHEDG standards with full visibility provided during operation on product and CIP in addition to vibration isolation.


BFM® fitting connectors are available in large diameters making them ideal for dryer chamber outlets-fluid bed inlets, dryer cyclone and baghouse ducting. These connections are well known problem areas for conventional hose clamp flexible connections which are difficult to fit up and prone to leaks.


To easily isolate during CIP, air supply ducting and in certain equipment zones, the BFM® fitting connector can be replaced with the BFM® fitting caps as an alternative to metal slides and blanking plates. The BFM® fitting corner connector can replace a traditional metal tundish for CIP return connections, providing the same snap-in system as the connectors making them fast and easy to install and remove.

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Product Suggestions

If you’re looking for a BFM® fitting for your dryer or fluid bed, check out these products that we suggest considering as you start your search.
Non-Breathable Connectors

Seeflex 040E Connector

Strong, versatile, flexible; superior wear resistance for multiple applications; ATEX Compliant.

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New ProductsSpecial Connectors

Corner Connector 040E

A uniquely shaped corner connector made of clear, ether-based thermoplastic polyurethane alloy with a 110° bend to aid the drainage of CIP fluid from your process equipment.

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Blanking Cap / Blanking Bins

Blanking Cap

Used to prevent contamination during cleaning or change over, as well as being used as a viewing port.

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