BFM® Advantage


The BFM® fitting patented snap-in connector design makes replacement quick and easy without the use of tools. Fast changeover means less downtime and increased productivity.

Quick Changeovers

The unique snap-in BFM® connector gives you fast, easy, and accurate changeover in 30 seconds or less for minimal production interruption.

Reduce Downtime

Durable, long-lasting BFM® flexible connectors give you more production uptime by reducing the frequency of replacements and clean-ups.

Longer Life

Connector materials have excellent wear resistance with a unique cuff design that isolate connector movement from the metal spigot. This makes the BFM connector extremely durable with a longer working life as compared to traditional hose clamp flexible connectors.

Streamline Inventory

Streamlines inventory control and improves supply chain sustainability and standardization

No Product Loss

BFM® connectors seal from the inside, ensuring a leak-free fit, for no product loss. 

Other BFM® Advantages

The BFM® fitting system outperforms traditional hose clamp flexible connectors in every production situation.


The BFM® system is 100% sealed, preventing product build-up and eliminating dust and leakage.

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There’s no higher priority than health and safety. BFM® fittings provide you with peace of mind that you’re making your plant a safer place.

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