BFM® Advantage


The BFM® fitting system is 100% sealed, keeping product inside your process where you want it, eliminating leaks, mess and product loss. The result is a cleaner production area and a better environment for personnel.

100% Sealed

The unique snap-in design seals from the inside and is tighter under pressure to create the perfect seal.

Crevice-Free Interior

The interior surface is smooth and crevice-free so there is no chance of  product build-up, making it easy to flush through for cleaning, reducing contamination risk.

Easily Cleaned-In-Place

Safe for use in CIP cleaning cycles, they make an integral part of any CIP circuit.


Clear, see-through connectors provide quick visual verification that the process is clean and functioning correctly on product.


Conforms to leading international hygiene standards.

Before & After BFM® fitting

Before BFM®: Air Leakage & Powder Accumulation

After BFM®: Dust-Tight & Crevice-Free

Global Hygiene Certifications

Other BFM® fitting Advantages

The BFM® fitting system outperforms traditional hose clamp flexible connectors in every production situation.


There’s no higher priority than health and safety. BFM® fittings provide you with peace of mind that you’re making your plant a safer place.

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With a wide variety of advantages in operational efficiency, upgrading to BFM® flexible connectors is an investment that pays for itself.

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