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Most surge hoppers are made from steel which limits visibility of product flow so you don’t know you have a bridging problem until the downstream process is affected. An inspection cover needs to be opened to view the product which can be subject to potential spillage. Flow aids are often used such as impacting and vibrating devices which can damage the hopper over time.


BFM® fitting large, tapered connectors and venting surge hoppers can be used to replace conventional steel hopper cones. The transparency of the connector allows visibility of the product flow so you can see if there is any product build-up without the risk of product leakage.  Should there be any issues with bridging, the walls of the connector are flexible allowing any blockages to be easily massaged away. Connections for compressed air fluidizers to assist flow can also be incorporated into the side wall.


For rotary valve venting applications, the BFM® fitting venting surge hopper has an integrated internal partition that allows powder to flow down one side and displaced air to flow up to the other to a vent such as a BFM® fitting breather bag. The result is efficient product feed to pressure pneumatic conveying systems.


The snap-in cuff of the BFM® fitting system allows the hoppers to be easily removed for cleaning if required and replaced.

Rotary Valve Vent Hopper

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If you’re looking for a BFM® fitting for your hopper application, check out these products that we suggest considering as you start your search.
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Tapered connectors can be created when having two equal-diameter spigots is not an option, or used as a hopper.

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Venting Surge Hopper

A partitioned, transparent hopper that provides airflow to prevent bridging while allowing full product flow visibility and access.

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Breathable Connectors

FM1 Breather

A 100% polyester needle felt breather bag designed for breathing applications such as venting hoppers and other contained vessels.

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