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Transitions between equipment are a common source for dust leakage and the weakest point in a process for flames and gasses to escape in the event of a dust explosion. This is a focus area of any explosion risk assessment and mitigation plan as a part of a Dust Hazard Analysis (DHA) per NFPA 652.

Explosion Resistant

The 100% seal of the BFM® fitting system and containment of product prevents dust from escaping into the atmosphere, greatly reducing the risk of a primary and secondary dust explosion to make for a healthier and safer environment for personnel.

Static Dissipating

Use of static dissipating connectors along with adequate grounding procedures across the metal spigots help reduce the occurrence of static electric spark discharges as a potential ignition source.


No tools are required for installing standard BFM® connectors, removing the opportunity for operator injury.


Conforms to leading international safety standards.

Before & After BFM® fitting

Before BFM®: Static Build-Up

After BFM®: Static Dissipating

Generating electrostatic charge during powder processing is almost inevitable.  Wherever you have a high volume of surface contact, separation, and movement – as happens when powder flows through a pipe – static electricity is naturally created.


This generated charge is not generally hazardous unless it is allowed to accumulate, at which point it’s capable of creating a spark discharge that can ignite any flammable gasses or dust in the environment, with potentially disastrous results.


One vulnerable part of a bulk solids processing line is the flexible connections between processing equipment.  Product flows through these connections generating electrostatic build-up on the non-conductive material (the connector). That’s why it is very important to consider what flexible connector you install – is it going to help dissipate electrostatic charge?


Global Safety Certifications

Other BFM® Advantages

The BFM® fitting system outperforms traditional hose clamp flexible connectors in every production situation.


The BFM® system is 100% sealed, preventing product build-up and eliminating dust and leakage.

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With a wide variety of advantages in operational efficiency, upgrading to BFM® flexible connectors is an investment that pays for itself.

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