90% of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies use the BFM® fitting.

Pharmaceutical production environments need to be kept sterile and are among the most highly regulated with validation requirements. Processes are required to meet stringent GMP (good manufacturing practices) and cGMP to ensure pharmaceutical safety and effectiveness for consumers.


Containment of product within the process is critical for operator safety. Maintaining the clean room process environment when handling sensitive and active ingredients is critical.


Reducing changeover time is also an important consideration in pharmaceutical operations to allow for more frequent changeovers in order to accommodate small batch sizes to increase production flexibility.


Compliance with global hygiene and safety standard, quick change out capabilities and a patented leak-free design all facilitate a successful pharmaceutical production. The BFM® fitting system can be easily integrated with explosion protection systems, making the system recognized worldwide as the connector solutions for reliable, safe, hygienic pharmaceutical processes.

pharma BFM fitting

BFM® Advantages in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Improved Hygiene
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Safer Operator Environment
  • Reduced Explosion Risk
  • Quick Change Overs

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