Generating electrostatic charge during powder processing is almost inevitable. Wherever you have a high volume of surface contact, separation and movement – as happens when powder flows through a pipe – static electricity is naturally created.


Most powders are not good conductors of electricity, so electrostatic charges can easily build up on them, the processing equipment, isolated metal components, and other surfaces within a plant.


This generated charge is not generally hazardous unless it is allowed to accumulate, at which point it’s capable of creating a spark discharge that can ignite any flammable gasses or dusts in the environment, with potentially disastrous results.


The BFM® fitting Seeflex urethane connectors are made from strong static dissipative materials which makes the connectors safer to fit and reduces the risk of static shock and explosions.

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Product Suggestions

If you’re looking for a BFM® fitting to dissipate electrostatic charges, check out these products that we suggest considering as you start your search.
Non-Breathable Connectors

Seeflex 040AS Connector

Made of semi-transparent ether-based thermoplastic polyurethane alloy with anti-static infusion for use where static is a problem.

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Special Connectors

Flexi-Earthed Connector

Made from an ether based polyurethane with a 316 stainless steel wire coil and terminal lugs at each end..

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Grounding Strap

Grounding straps eliminate a potential ignition source that could lead to an explosion.

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