Sifter Solutions

Sifters and screeners are used to classify, scalp and safety screen powders and liquids.


Vibratory, gyratory and centrifugal actions are used to spread and convey material over the screen surface. The movement of the sifter requires a flexible connector on the inlet and outlet connections so that the motion is concentrated on the screen surface and not carried through to the upstream and downstream stationary equipment. This constant movement puts stress on the flexible connections between equipment which can easily loosen traditional clamp type flexible connectors, resulting in common problems like poor sealing, leaks and failures.


BFM® fitting connection system is ideally suited to all vibratory, gyratory and oscillating equipment due to the superior wear and tear resistance of the Seeflex urethane connector material and flexibility to allow freedom of sifter movement for optimum screening efficiency. The unique snap-in system of the BFM® fitting connector design seals from the inside and tighter under pressure creating a perfect seal every time with no internal crevices or ledges for product to build up in addition to being fast and easy to remove and replace.


BFM® fitting connectors provide visibility of the product flow while eliminating any dust leaking into the production area, resulting in fewer clean-ups required and a safer environment for operators.


BFM® fitting caps when installed on sifter covers provide added visibility during operation without need to remove covers or expose the product to potential contamination.

Things That Affect Connector Life on Sifters

There are a number of variables that will affect the life of any connector on a sifter (regardless of whether it is BFM® or a conventional type) such as:

  • Positive or negative pressure
  • Extreme operating temperatures
  • Additional stress from chemical products (e.g Acid, Caustic)
  • Extent and duration of operation
  • Abrasion from product flow
  • Connector length & installation height

Rectangular Vibrating Sifter

Gyratory Reciprocating Sifter

Compact Sifter

Dump Station Sifter

Circular Sifter

Circular Sifter

Gyratory Classifying Sifter

Tumbling Sifter

Inspection – BFM® Blanking Cap

Overs – BFM® Blanking Bin

Flexibility to meet your needs

Product Suggestions

If you’re looking for a BFM® fitting for your sifter application, check out these products that we suggest considering as you start your search.
Non-Breathable Connectors

Seeflex 040E Connector

Strong, versatile, flexible; superior wear resistance for multiple applications; ATEX Compliant.

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Non-Breathable Connectors

Seeflex 020E Connector

The lightest connector made of clear, lightweight ether-based thermoplastic polyurethane alloy, mainly used for weigh-scale type applications.

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Blanking Cap / Blanking Bins

Blanking Sock/Bin

Ideal for sifter oversize collection. Can easily be lined with plastic bags to make disposal of waste clean and easy.

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Breathable Connectors

LM4 Connector

100% woven polyester connector used in higher temperature environments up to 130°C / 266°F. Atex Compliant: IBExU tested. Can be used in all explosion hazardous areas.

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Blanking Cap / Blanking Bins

Blanking Cap

Used to prevent contamination during cleaning or change over, as well as being used as a viewing port.

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Tool Release

Our Tool Release (TR) option provides the perfect solution for areas where you want to significantly reduce the risk of staff putting their hands near dangerous moving parts.

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