Food & Bakery

95% of the world’s top 20 food manufacturers use BFM® fittings

Whether it’s processing flour, sugar, coffee, starches, eggs, pasta or chicken, strict plant hygiene is essential for food safety. Production environments in the food industry need to be kept clean and dust-free during operation.


A dust-free environment is not only necessary to meet sanitation requirements, but it also helps reduce the risk of secondary dust explosions, a concern for any processor dealing with food products that can be highly combustible.


This can be particularly challenging for manufacturers running traditional hose clamp connector systems that are prone to leaking. These are often seen on dynamic equipment such as conveyors, sifters, mixers and mills which are common in food processing systems.


BFM® Advantages in the Food Industry

  • Improved Hygiene
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Safer Operator Environment
  • Reduced Explosion Risk
  • Quick Change Overs
  • Reduced Downtime

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