BFM® fitting Blanking caps can be used as a view port on hoppers and covers for equipment such as sifters and conveyors.


BFM®’s strong and transparent Seeflex material is ideal for use as an inspection and combination access port. Being flexible they can be easily tapped to remove any residual dust for clear viewing. The snap-in system of the BFM® fitting keeps the cap locked in place to protect product integrity and prevent dust emission into the environment.


A tool release option for blanking caps provides an added measure of security for operator safety and product integrity.

Flexibility to meet your needs

Product Suggestions

If you’re looking for a BFM® fitting for your inspection needs, check out these products that we suggest considering as you start your search.
Blanking Cap / Blanking Bins

Blanking Cap

Used to prevent contamination during cleaning or change over, as well as being used as a viewing port.

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Tool Release

Our Tool Release (TR) option provides the perfect solution for areas where you want to significantly reduce the risk of staff putting their hands near dangerous moving parts.

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Pressure Monitoring System

Know when your connectors are removed with this simple-to-install monitoring system, rated to IP65 level or ATEX certified.

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