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Whether you want to learn how to install an entire BFM® system or learn how to snap-in a connector, you will find links to the appropriate information here.

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Whether you want to learn how to snap-in your connectors, clean your connectors or learn the best practices for installing a BFM® fitting system, we will have a guide to help you.


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Ask Our Tech Expert – Measure BFM® fitting Connectors & Spigots

Correct measurement is important to ensuring optimum installation of the BFM® fitting system. In fact, one of our most frequently asked questions is “How do we measure BFM® fittings?”.


Although it may seem simple, there are a few things you need to know to ensure that you get a perfect BFM® fit. Watch this video while Matthew Bailey explains all the things you need to know when measuring up a BFM® fitting system.

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