End of Year BFM® fitting Order Deadline

As we look towards the end of 2023, here at PSI we’re always working to keep our customers up and running without interruption. One way we can help facilitate this is by sharing the EOY ordering deadline to make sure all of our valuable customers have all of the flexible connectors that they need as we round the corner into January.

BFM® headquarters, located in New Zealand, shuts down for a few weeks around the holidays. We encourage all of our customers to plan ahead by submitting purchase orders for parts needed for December through February 2024 by November 20th, 2023.

Specifically, we recommend these products be ordered by November 20th:
– Sleeves and spigots larger than 12” in diameter
– Sleeves longer than 8” in length
– Teflon sleeves
– Sleeves with rings
– Tapered (transition) sleeves
– Any BFM fitting your plant can’t function without

If you’re ready to place this order, please fill out our form on the site so we can ensure your product gets to you in a timely manner without issue.