Non-Breathable Connector

Seeflex 020E Connector

Our lightest connector made of clear, lightweight ether based thermoplastic polyurethane alloy, mainly used for weigh-scale type applications.

Product Description

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Seeflex 020E is a clear, lightweight ether-based thermoplastic polyurethane alloy, mainly used for weigh-scale type applications.


  • Designed for weigh-scale type applications.
  • Ideal for applications where Seeflex 040E is not flexible enough.
  • The Seeflex 020E Connector is the thinnest Seeflex connector in the BFM® range.
Seeflex 020E Spec Sheet

Lightweight, transparent Seeflex media, specifically designed for load and weigh scale type equipment.

Also excellent for applications with vertical movement as it is particularly flexible.

Ideal for feed chutes using optical level sensors (thinner, transparent connector walls)

Seeflex 020E is strong and will not fracture as a result of constant flexing


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