Non-Breathable Connector

Seeflex 040E Connector

Strong, versatile, flexible; superior wear resistance for multiple applications; ATEX Compliant.

Product Description

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Seeflex 040E is our most popular and versatile product and it is used in a huge range of industries and applications.

It is made from a clear ether-based thermoplastic polyurethane alloy making it very strong and flexible, so it won’t fracture as a result of constant flexing.

Its unique construction method also gives superior wear resistance, and it won’t tear and rip apart like many silicon, rubber or other polyurethane connectors.

Seeflex 040E Spec Sheet



  • Ideal for use on sifters, sieves, screeners, feeders, bin discharges,
    hoppers & conveyors
  • Safe for use in CIP and with a wide range of chemicals (is also available as an easily identifiable ‘Wash Sleeve’ stamped version)

Used on all types of stationary, vibratory & oscillating equipment

Superior wear resistance – won’t tear or rip

Can be used in CIP wash cycles

3A, USDA, EC and ATEX compliant


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