Grounding Strap

Grounding straps eliminate a potential ignition source which could lead to an explosion.

Product Description

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Grounding straps are made from heavy duty 600V, 6AWG insulated cable with shrink sealed terminal lugs on each end.

Supplied with stainless steel grounding studs for welding to spigots and acorn lock nuts.

Standard  lengths from 8” to 30” in 2” increments as well as custom made to order lengths.

Coiled cables available for flexi connectors with vertical movement or compression.


  • Ideal for use in any application where there is a risk of static charge buildup

Provides maximum safety to prevent electrical potential differences across the connector

Meets ATEX, FM and NFPA safety guidelines

Allows more direct grounding where there is heightened explosion risk and concern

Smooth exterior is easily cleaned


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