Tool Release

The Tool Release (TR) option provides the perfect solution for areas where you want to significantly reduce the risk of staff putting their hands near dangerous moving parts.

Product Description

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The BFM® Tool Release (TR) option has been developed for applications where the connector is mounted very close to equipment that is rotating or spinning very fast, providing additional safety for production and maintenance staff.

The snap-band of the BFM® Tool Release option is manufactured to have a firmer fit than a standard connector which also makes it ideal for negative pressure (vacuum) applications.

The BFM® Tool Release Seeflex 040E/020E/060ES fittings have a white embossed identifier stamp to make them easy to differentiate from our standard fittings.


  • Tool Release can be added to connectors to act as an additional safety measure as it is virtually impossible to remove by hand and requires a specifically shaped tool.
  • Tool Release snap-bands are significantly firmer, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your connector will not disconnect. It makes it the ideal option for negative pressure (vacuum) applications.
Tool Release Guidelines

Reduces risk of staff putting their hands near dangerous moving parts

Firmer snap-band making it ideal for negative pressure (vacuum) application

Can be used in CIP wash cycles

3A, USDA, EC and ATEX compliant


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