How Do I Deal with Mismatched Pipe Diameters or Non-Circular Connections?

Do you need to install a flexible connector between an outlet and inlet that are different sizes? Or do you have a square or rectangular pipe that you want to use with a BFM® fitting system?


At PSI, we strive to provide a flexible connector system that can benefit as many different applications and environments as possible. While you may most commonly see our flexible connectors used in conjunction with matched or circular pipe connections, the BFM® fitting system actually offers a number of simple ways for dealing with these common installation circumstances.


Join the BFM® fitting corporate Technical Lead, Matthew Bailey, as he explains the best approach to these unique situations in the video, including the options and benefits of using the Tapered connectors.

BFM® fittings are a solution-based component, integral for some of the world’s largest powder processing facilities. If you’re ready to discuss the creative ways that you can integrate one of the many BFM® fitting materials into your system, please fill out the form here so we can chat!