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Tapered Connector

Tapered connectors can be created when having two equal-diameter spigots is not an option or used as a hopper.

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Most BFM® fitting connectors can be made as a ‘tapered’ option, where the diameter of one end is bigger than the other.  Where there is no possibility of installing two identical-diameter spigots, a taper is a perfect solution.


  • Tapered connectors can be used to reduce the pipe size to direct product into a smaller pipe. A larger diameter pipe can transition into a smaller diameter pipe to reduce flow rate or control flow rate properties. (See ‘Hoppers’ below)
  • Tapers can help reduce wear on connector walls. If you have a small diameter inlet pipe at the top and transition it to a larger diameter outlet pipe below, this allows your product to flow through with minimal contact with the connector walls.
  • Tapered connectors provide a better compression option than standard connectors when used on equipment with limited space for vertical moment. By having different diameters for the inlet and outlet, when the vertical movement compresses a tapered connector, the smaller end ‘nests’ inside the larger diameter end and therefore takes up less space. (Not recommended for constant, regular compressions however i.e… more than once an hour)

Can be used in applications you have mismatched pipe diameters

Can be used as a hopper in applications where visibility of product flow is required


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