TR Lock-Out Safety System

Upgrade the safety level of your Tool Release connectors by adding the TR Lock-Out Safety System to your Spigots.

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Our Tool Release (TR) connector range is a popular way to add a layer of safety to applications where the connector is mounted very close to equipment that is rotating or spinning very fast, such as above rotary valves or rotary knives.

If you are still concerned about staff improvising tools to gain access to the TR hole, the TR LOCK-OUT SAFETY SYSTEM is the ideal solution.

  • A piece of elliptical tubing with a 7mm hole through both sides (the Lock-Out Tube) is welded over a Standard or Smiley-Face Tool Release hole on the top-ridge of a BFM® fitting spigot (where a Tool Release Connector is installed).
  • Any standard padlock (up to a 6.5mm shackle) can then be inserted through the top and bottom holes, preventing unauthorized use of connector removal tools via the TR hole in the Spigot
TR Lock-Out Safety System Spec Sheet

Improves safety by restricting access to TR hole

Simple to weld to new or existing spigots over TR hole

Padlock key or lock combination required to use TR Tool

Helps prevent unauthorized access/ tool improvisation

A simple addition of the TR Lock-Out tube creates an additional layer of safety to help reduce the possibility of staff accessing TR tool removal without approval.

(Note:  TR Lock Out System does not include the actual padlock)


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