Non-Breathable Connector

Wash Sleeve

BFM® have designed a unique identifier for connectors to be used exclusively in your CIP wash process.

Product Description

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The BFM® Wash Sleeve connector is a Seeflex 040E with a Wash Sleeve stamp that makes it easy for your staff to identify which connector should be used for your CIP wash process.

Using a BFM® Wash Sleeve connector reduces the risk of any residual chemicals contaminating your end product. Changing out the Wash Sleeve after the clean-in-place cycle also serves as a good reminder for staff to wipe the residue off the inside of the spigot to help extend the operational life of your process connectors.


  • Ideal for use on processes that are CIP or wet washed frequently
  • Safe for use in CIP and with a wide range of chemicals (is also available as an easily identifiable ‘Wash Sleeve’ stamped version)

Used on all types of stationary, vibratory & oscillating equipment

Superior wear resistance – won’t tear or rip

Can be used in CIP wash cycles

3A, USDA, EC and ATEX compliant


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