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Venting Surge Hopper

A partitioned, transparent hopper that provides airflow to prevent bridging while allowing full product flow visibility and access.

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The Venting Surge Hopper is an angled, tapered connector with an internal partition that allows powder to flow in on one side and displaced air to flow up and out the other.

Unlike steel hoppers where you have to open an inspection hatch to see if bridging is occurring inside, the transparency of the Seeflex 040E material gives visibility of product flow.  Its flexible walls are malleable, meaning bridging can often be easily freed up simply by massaging the side of the hopper.

The hopper is designed to fit into a special Surge Hopper Spigot (on the lower end) that features a weir plate to match the angle of the connector partition.


  • As an intermediary hopper above a rotary valve or bag-loading head.
  • Ideal for ‘sticky’ products that are prone to bridging
  • Processes that require regular cleaning (fast and easy to remove and replace)
Venting Surge Hopper Spec Sheet

Internal partition separates product & airflow

Easy to remove for cleaning processes

Transparent to let you see if bridging occurs

Flexible walls allows easy freeing of bridging


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