BFM® fittings Are More Than a Connector

Our customers are probably most familiar with the Seeflex 040E sleeve material; it’s the original BFM® fitting material and the most common in terms of temperature rating, flexibility, and dust-tight capabilities. Under standard, straight forward flexible connector installations, this is typically a good option.


What many of our customers may not be aware of is truly how flexible this flexible connector can be! We have many materials and applications that you may not know about or expect to see as a solution.

FM1 Breather

Venting with Breather Bags

The 100% polyester needle felt breather bag is designed for breathing applications to help vent out your process to maintain product quality. They are often used on venting hoppers and other containment vessels. It’s capable of running at high temperatures and can be a great addition to your processing system.

Learn About the FM1 Breather Bag
Blanking Cap

Inspection & Sealing with Blanking Caps

Blanking caps can be used to seal off machinery to prevent dust emissions into the factory during cleaning or changeover. Furthermore, they can be installed on closed vessels to allow for product visibility as a viewport.

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Bulk Bag Loader

Filling with Bulk Bag Loaders

One of the newer designs to be released, the bulk bag loader serves as a full-sealed, inflatable bulk bag loading head that makes hygienic loading a breeze. By inflating inside a bulk bag (with or without plastic liners) the three-layered, inflatable filling head creates a dust-tight seal with the neck of the bulk bag, eliminating product leaks.

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CIP Transportation with Corner Connectors

This unique corner connector sports a 110* bend to the sleeve design to aid in the transportation of CIP fluid flowing through your process. These sleeves are ideal to install under compact machinery like sifters or sieves where product needs to be redirected into other equipment with limited space.

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Weighing Bellows

Accurate Weighing with Weighing Bellows

The latest innovation released by BFM® fitting is the Weighing Bellows sleeve. Designed to minimize resistance transfer on weighing equipment, the strong but flexible sleeve won’t fracture as a result of the constant flexing.

Learn About the Weighing Bellows

BFM® fittings are a solution-based component, integral for some of the world’s largest powder processing facilities. If you ready to discuss the creative ways that you can integrate one of the many BFM® fitting materials into your system, please fill out the form here so we can chat!