Increase Safety with new TR Lock-Out System

We’re excited to be able to offer a new option to add an extra level of safety to our Tool Release (TR) connectors – the TR Lock-Out Safety System.

The BFM® fitting Tool Release (TR) range of connectors is a popular way to add a layer of safety to applications where a flexible connector is mounted very close to equipment that is rotating or spinning very fast, such as above rotary valves or rotary knives.

The snap-band of BFM® TR connectors are manufactured to have a firmer fit than a standard BFM® fitting connector, making it virtually impossible to remove the connector by hand. A special ‘TR Tool’ is needed to release the cuff by inserting it through a hole in the top ridge of the spigot. This TR tool should be kept secure to limit access. 

But what if you are concerned about staff improvising other tools to access a TR hole in a spigot and want an additional safety back-up?  The new TR Lock-Out Safety System is the ideal solution.

TR lock-out graphic

How Does the TR Lock-Out Safety System Work?

A ‘TR Lock-Out’ Tube is welded to the outside of the spigot over the tool release hole in the top ridge of the BFM® fitting Spigot. Any simple padlock (≤ Ø6.5mm shackle) can then be inserted through the hole in the top and bottom of the Lock-Out tube, blocking access and making it impossible to insert anything through the TR hole without removing the padlock.


This means that only authorized staff who hold the key or combination to the padlock can gain access to the TR hole to insert a Tool Release tool to remove the connector.


This is just one more way to give peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to protect staff from injuring themselves in potentially harmful production environments.

If you believe this TR Lock-Out spigot is an appropriate application for your facility, please fill out the form here so we can help!