Spigot / Connector

Lipped Spigot

This spigot option has a 6mm ‘lip’ that allows the fast and easy integration of a BFM® fitting system with major modular piping systems using quick clamp/pull-ring type fasteners.

Product Description

Available in Stainless Steel T304L , the Lipped Spigot allows the BFM® fitting system to be installed using clamping systems without the need for welding.

The lip is compatible with most major brands, including JACOB.

  • 6mm rolled lip formed at the tail/base of a standard spigot
  • 83mm (3 17/64“) in total length – made up of a head of 37mm (1 29/64“) and a ‘tail’ that is 46mm (1 13/16”) long
Lipped Spigot Spec Sheet

6mm lip formed at the tail (base) of the spigot

Compatible with JACOB and most other modular clamped piping/tubing systems

Available in T304L Stainless Steel

Allows fast, easy installation of a BFM® fitting system into any modular production line


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