Non-Breathable Connector

Seeflex 060ES Connector

Pressure-resistant connector made from a clear, ether-based thermoplastic polyurethane alloy with polyester scrim.

Product Description

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Pressure-resistant Seeflex 060ES is a clear, ether-based thermoplastic polyurethane alloy with an internal polyester scrim.

The internally bonded scrim restricts the Seeflex sleeve from stretching and provides superior pressure resistance.


Overpressure situations for continuous pressure up to 1.7 bar

IMPORTANT: Seeflex 060ES is designed to resist extremely high pressure and therefore it should not be used where the connector is intended to act as a pressure-release point.

* Engineering adjustments should be made for changes in diameter. For length adjustments or non-static applications, contact BFM®.

The Seeflex 060ES Connector replaced the Camlon Connector.

Seeflex 060ES Spec Sheet

Designed to handle high-pressure applications

Laminated polyester scrim provides extra strength

High temperature resistance

Ideal for hot air transport


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