Are BFM® Flexible Connectors Worth It? Explore The Hidden Benefits [Chart]

In theory, you’d choose quality equipment over faulty equipment every time. But when it comes to disposable items on your production line, it’s easy to think cheap = easy, especially when you have limited options.

However, your options might not be as limited as you think. Let’s take a deep dive into BFM® flexible connectors and how they could positively impact your overall operation.

What Is a BFM® Flexible Connector?

A BFM® flexible connector is an alternative to the traditional hose clamp connection. They’re especially effective in powder processing industries like food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

The most common type of BFM® fitting is the Seeflex 040E, which can be used in applications that vibrate, oscillate, or compress. However, BFM® offers more than just connectors, including breather bags, blanking caps, and weighing bellows. Regardless of the product type, all BFM® fittings include their signature snap-in design.

Range of BFM® products from flexible connectors to blanking caps and more.

What’s the Upfront Cost of a BFM® System?

The biggest investment of a BFM® system is installing the spigots: metal adaptors that enable the sleeve to form an airtight seal. Spigots can be installed on pretty much any piece of powder processing equipment. This will require some plant downtime. However, once you install the spigots, replacing the sleeve will take a matter of seconds. Compared to traditional hose clamps, the process is fast and easy. Aside from the ease of upkeep, the benefits of BFM® flexible connectors have far-reaching effects on your entire operation.

The initial investment of a BFM® system is the tip of the iceberg while the benefits go far beneath the surface.

What Are the Long-Term Benefits of a BFM® System?

The BFM® fitting system was initially designed to solve dust leakage at machinery transitions due to poor-fitting hose clamps. However, in solving this issue, BFM® fittings accomplish much more.

Cleaner Operations

BFM® flexible connectors offer an airtight seal, effectively eliminating dust. With no product buildup or contamination, your powder processing plant can maintain high hygiene standards. These connectors are also designed for Clean in Place (CIP) procedures, making cleaning and maintenance hassle-free.

Enhanced Safety

By reducing the risk of dust explosions, BFM® connectors contribute to a safer work environment. In the event of an explosion, they can contain blasts of 60kPa. Additionally, the easy installation process minimizes the risk of all-too-common pinch injuries during setup.

Improved Efficiency

BFM® connectors feature a snap-in design, allowing quick changeovers during production shifts. Their durable material ensures longevity, reducing the need for frequent replacements. The tight seal prevents product leaks, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency in your powder processing operations.

BFM® Flex Connectors in Action: Tyson Foods Inc.

Since its introduction, the BFM® fitting system has transformed thousands of factories around the world. It’s now trusted by some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Tyson Foods Inc., one of the world’s largest processors of chicken meat, saved $225,000 per year in cleaning costs alone when they switched to BFM® fittings.

Their old system of leaky hose clamps held together with tape not only compromised overall efficiency and hygiene but eventually damaged the vacuum pump that powered the entire system. After trialing a few connectors, they were convinced. They save 90% annually on cleaning costs with BFM® flex connectors.

Chicken tenders on a plate.

Explore BFM® fitting Applications for Your Facility

If you’re just getting to know BFM® fittings, you’re at the tip of the iceberg. From pharma and dairy to chemical processing and more, BFM® fittings are a universal win for many industries. Explore how quality flexible connectors can transform your facility.