BFM® connectors can be fitted with stainless steel or plastic support rings to help keep the connector walls open.

Product Description

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Most BFM® fitting connectors are available with support rings to help maintain the shape of the connector and keep the walls open for product flow, particularly when under vacuum or for longer lengths.

Rings are fully encased in the material on the outside of the connector and therefore don’t come into contact with product flowing through the connector.


Useful in positive pressure situations, rings help support the walls of the connector in higher pressure environments.


  • Tapered connectors cannot be made with rings.
  • See Specifications below for detail on, which connectors can have Rings.
Rings Spec Sheet

Reduces risk of staff putting their hands near dangerous moving parts

Simple to install

Can be used in CIP wash cycles

3A, USDA, EC and ATEX compliant


Available Diameters


  • Ø100mm,
  • Ø125mm,
  • Ø150mm – 500mm (in 50mm increments)


  • Ø100mm,
  • Ø125mm,
  • Ø150mm – 1,000mm (in 50mm increments)
Applicable Connector Lengths
  • Min: 150mm (6″)
  • Max: Ø550mm-1.0m (211/2-391/2”) = 500mm (20″) Up to Ø500mm (191/2”) = 4.5m (14ft 9”)
Distance between Spigot & Rings
150mm (6″) long connectors: 75mm (3″) All other lengths: 100mm (4″)
Ring thickness (diameter)
Stainless Steel – 6.0mm (1/4″) Plastic – 8.0mm (5/16″) (& plastic ring joiner is approx 10mm (25/64″))


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