Top 3 BFM® fittings from 2023

2023 has been a great year for BFM® fittings; many new materials and designs have been released including the Lipped Spigot, Weighing Bellows, and the Venting Surge Hopper to name a few.  All of these new designs have been helpful as customers continue to find creative ways to utilize BFM® fittings for fast removal and installation, cleaner processing, and overall safer operations. 

As we look towards 2024, we thought it would be interesting to share with our customers what the top three selling BFM® fitting materials were for the year!

Seeflex 040E

#1 – Seeflex 040E

Most of our customers are familiar with the Seeflex 040E connector materials. By far our most popular material, it again proved to be our best-selling material of the year.


Why is it the most popular? For starters, this is considered our “standard” material because of its basic properties. Under many circumstances, the temperature capabilities, clear sleeve, and flexibility while still providing strength and durability are sufficient for a successful BFM® fitting installation.


The added bonus of utilizing the most popular material at your facility? There is a high likelihood that we’ll have your size available at all times for quick replacement shipping.

Blanking Cap

#2 – Blanking Caps

Caps have been a growing category for BFM® fittings! BFM® fitting blanking caps are made from the same strong polyurethane as the typical Seeflex 040E connector used all throughout powder processing facilities. It snaps into place in standard BFM® spigots to provide a transparent, yet secure, 100% sealed pipe end. This product is ideal for use as a sight-glass/inspection port while also protecting products and preventing dust emission into the factory.


Our customers have seen many benefits to installing a BFM® fitting cap versus a traditional plastic cover. The transparency offered by a BFM® cap allows a visual into the machinery while it’s running. When machinery is off, it allows for easy removal and snap-in for inspection access or changeovers for CIP. It provides the standard 100% seal protecting product & environment from contamination.

FM1 Breather

#3 – FM1 Breather

Another sleeve growing rapidly in popularity is the FM1 Breather. The Breather Bag is designed for breathing applications such as venting hoppers and other contained vessels. It may become required as the BFM® connectors create a 100% sealed system.

Here are a few quick facts for the breather bag:

  • FM1 is 100% polyester needle felt (designed for breathing applications)
  • Maximum operating temperature 266°F, surge of 302°F
  • Made of food grade materials


Where many other BFM® materials are designed specifically to NOT be breathable, there seems to also be a growing need of a solution ideal for processes that require airflow but containment of product dust. That’s where the FM1 Breather Bag really shines for our customers!

If you think one of these materials may be a perfect fit for your application, please fill out the form here so we can help!